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Neuroengineering Minor

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Declaring the Minor

Who may declare the Neuroengineering Minor?

Enrollment in the Neuroengineering Minor is open to all currently enrolled Ph.D. students who have the necessary science background to complete the coursework and who are in good standing in their major program. Ph.D. students majoring in programs other than Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Neuroscience must have approval from the Neuroengineering Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) to participate in the minor program. Students will declare the minor by including it on the degree program form, following consultation with the DGS.

What is the deadline to declare the minor?

Students must officially declare the minor before taking the Oral Preliminary Examination (OPE).

How do students declare the minor?

Students declare the Neuroengineering Minor by filling out their Graduate Degree Plan according to the instructions below and the instructions of their major department. The Graduate Degree Plan lists all courses that will be taken to satisfy both major and minor requirements. Students who have already submitted a Graduate Degree Plan but wish to add a Neuroengineering Minor can file a Petition Form to add the minor. Ph.D. students who have already passed the Oral Preliminary Examination (OPE) cannot add new minor programs.

Degree Program Form Instructions:

  1. Develop a plan of study that satisfies the Neuroengineering Minor requirements. You are encouraged to consult your thesis advisor(s) while selecting coursework for the minor.
  2. Fill out the Graduate Degree Plan, listing all proposed major and minor courses and identifying those that will satisfy the Neuroengineering Minor requirements.
  3. Contact the Neuroengineering DGS to review and discuss your proposed minor courses.
  4. Obtain approval signatures from the Neuroengineering DGS, your thesis advisor(s), and your major program DGS.
  5. Submit the Graduate Degree Plan according to the instructions given by your major program. Each department’s instructions may vary.